two very similar expressions have different meanings and at times
they can be quite confusing, I must say.
I just wonder whether is giving in equal to giving up?

always believe that we should never give in. Or used to. You should
never, never, never – in nothing, even great or small, large or
petty – never ever give in, except to convictions of your own
honour and good sense.

remember, there are times when you just need to take a step back and
protect yourself from getting hurt too deep. So deep that you can’t
even feel the pain and take it by mistake that it is pleasure.
getting yourself involved with friends that only see you when they
need you and will be gone off whenever you need them.
hoping that your family will understand what you actually have been
keeping to yourself. They are used to the thought that you can absorb
it all. No. You got feelings too. You can feel the anger, sadness,
joy, everything. Sometimes you get mad too.
thinking that you don’t deserve someone you truly love. You might
have said that you will always be there and you have already proved
your worth and promise. But they failed to see it. Stop and just
stop as they are blinded by their needs. 
away, and if you need be, run. And let them be happy. If your
presence has never been appreciated, then there is a possibility that
they would not even notice your absence.

yourself. Because you deserve to be treated better. 


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