I used to believe that holding on and the will to hang in there can be viewed as one’s strength. Years passed, and after a few failed relationships (of my own and others’), I got to realise there are times when we need to let loose the rope binding us from being freed, when things have been so rocky you can’t see what lies ahead, when you finally come to your senses that it takes a lot more strength to finally stop, think about yourself and just let go. The hardest part is, to know when you need to do it.
They always bring up the same cliche childish mantra – if it is worth fighting for or if you really love someone, you should stay. But betul ke you guys can truly understand how hard it is to actually stay?
Sebab even if you can get everything fixed, cantumkan semula every piece of the broken glass, you might still get hurt, your fingers might get cut while doing so and at the end even if berjaya pun you will only see your own reflection from the broken imperfect mirror, crying. What you will see might and definitely wont be as perfect as what you used to.
Unless if you go buy another new one…
But kena tahu the risk, you might need to get used to the new one. Maybe you will like it, maybe you won’t….and secretly hiding the broken mirror somewhere in your room that no else knows you look at it when you are alone, remembering everything. Memories you treasure. Mistakes you regret.

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