If you missed my first review on Jerome & Terry brand, you can click that link πŸ˜‰Β 

By the way, the other day I was throwing out hints about this giveaway from Jerome and Terry and people have been asking me since then. Okayh nahhh guys! Now korang boleh join the latest giveaway (on top of the iPhone 8 giveaway). Pihak Jerome & Terry sendiri akan pilih 3 orang pemenang where each of them will get a pair of sandals.

So the designs up for grabs are from the ‘Adam Collection‘ – A03, A04 and A05. The first prize is A05 which is worth RM115, A04 (RM95) is for the second winner and A03 (RM75) for the third winner. Apparently kesemua hadiah ini adalah antara design paling popular dalam koleksi ‘Adam’.


T&Cs untuk giveaway ini seperti di bawah:

  1. Tulis ‘IG: Jeromeandterry‘ atas kertas dan snap gambar tersebut.
  2. Post gambar tersebut dalam Instagram bersama caption dengan #jeromeandterrygiveaway.
  3. Tag 4 kawan anda di bahagian komen dan pastikan mereka follow IG Jeromeandterry.
  4. Follow IG Jeromeandterry dan tulis comment ‘done’ pada gambar giveaway ini.
  5. Jangan lupa untuk pastikan akaun IG anda ‘public’ juga.

Giveaway ini akan berlangsung until somewhere in March (which will be announced by the brand itself).

So, hurry up, tulis cantik-cantik atas kertas dan join contest ini! Kalau tulisan tidak berapa lawa, mintaklah tolong kawan aha! πŸ˜‚

P/s I will be doing two contests with Jerome & Terry. I am working on another giveaway which will be a bit more special sebab untuk my readers and followers 😘

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