Sometimes they will just stop paying attention to you. Or worse, they do not have your best interests at heart from the start. So how to break up from the pattern where they take you for granted? You can bail yourself out but what if you want to stay? The obvious best way for me is to actually sit down and talk to them.

But you always have a choice and it is in your hands. You don’t really have to stay. No, not really. Sometimes fighting a loosing battle is so hard and tiring it consumes all of your energy. You can’t be the only one who gives the relationship the efforts and attention it needs, while your partner is missing in action. Why give your heart to someone who in return treats you like a piece of sh*t?

Sounds like you don’t even have a heart eh? But think about it. You go places to run errands for them, you are the only person who will always be there to clean the mess they make, you are always present and involved. But when you ask something very simple from them they are usually reluctant and throw you the ‘I am busy’ excuse.

No one can actually have a 100% perfect relationship. But it is not bad either for you to demand and expect certain things from your other half. Relationships should be mutually beneficial for the both of you. If they keep on failing to make you a priority that can actually translate into you are not worth it to them. Take the hint before it’s too late. Or before you know it, they will just dump you and you will be left with this lifetime frustration.

I was a victim and after more than a year, my ex been emailing me to talk about stuff. Yes, we had some unfinished business. That person still owes me something and after a period of time I decided to just move on. But still, that bij better have my money.

Ada yang jadi gila talak and they might crawl back to you. Just tell them no and it’s a little too late. Again, you have a choice. Either to welcome them back in your arms or don’t pick up the phone and let them in to ruin your life, again. You are better off being single than to be treated that way. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Have respect for yourself because you are bigger than that.

Don’t let yourself being taken for granted.

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