About Me

Started as ‘The Diary of Izz Latif’ (wow only now I realise how nerdy it sounds aha!) this blog has been around since I was 16. You know how it works – a 16-year old using his blog to write stuff about his life and daily routines and so on. The idea to start the blog was because of my passion in blogging and I love to write. From just a hobby it turned out to be more than just that. I learned that writing can help ease your mind, sort of therapeutic for someone like me.

Through writing you can reach out to a lot of people out there. Until now I still get feedbacks from those who have been following my blog since 5-6 years ago, thanking me for inspiring them with stories I shared. So if you can change someone’s mind about something or help a stranger who reads your blog anonymously go through troubling issues and somewhat make their life a bit better, then why stop?

Whenever people ask me things like ‘What is your most favourite food’ I can’t give them the specific answer because I can’t decide. That’s the downside of being a Gemini (*cries) because we are just too flexible and the most flip-flop of the zodiac. Heck, why only pick one when you can have more? LOL. So I enjoy all, as long as it is good. Most of the time my decision is depends on my mood. One minute I’m into rock kapak then it’s dangdut and next could be Siti Nurhaliza’s Purnama Merindu. Even I can’t keep up with my moods sometime haha.

I only share what I want people to see. But this little space here is my own platform to do that and a happy place for me. I hope you too, would find something good on my blog.